Damascus Blade Folding Knife With Camel Bone Handle

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Blade MaterialDamascus Steel
Material TypeAnti-Rust
Handle MaterialCamel Bone
Blade ShapeDrop Point
Overall Length:7.0 inch
Handle Length:3.5 inch
Blade Length:3.5 inch
AccessoriesLeather Sheath

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The Intersection of Tradition and Natural Elegance

Experience the harmonious fusion of conventional elements and inherent elegance with the Damascus Pocket Folding Knife offered by NRKnives, which showcases a handle intricately fashioned from authentic camel bone. This knife exhibits a remarkable ability to surpass conventional functionality, as it seamlessly combines the artistry of traditional workmanship with the efficiency of contemporary pragmatism.

The Enduring Excellence of Damascus Steel

The Damascus steel knives, which is the central feature of this remarkable folding knife, is renowned for its remarkable durability and visually appealing, complex patterns. Every blade undergoes a thorough forging process, leading to the creation of a knife that has exceptional performance capabilities and possesses aesthetic qualities that may be considered as an artistic masterpiece.

The Aesthetic Appeal of Camel Bone Handles

The knife’s handle exhibits exceptional craftsmanship, as it is meticulously fashioned from genuine camel bone, imbuing the object with a sense of inherent refinement and sophistication. The distinctive texture and colors of the bone material guarantee the individuality of each handle, so endowing your knife with a genuinely unparalleled quality. The ergonomic design of the product effectively integrates visual appeal with practicality.

Practicality of Folding Design

The inclusion of a folding mechanism in this knife enhances its usability and facilitates ease of carrying. Featuring a straightforward yet robust locking mechanism, this knife offers convenient portability and swift deployment for any required usage. The aforementioned instrument has a high degree of versatility, rendering it suitable for a wide range of everyday duties as well as outdoor expeditions.

Complimentary Leather Sheath and Complimentary Shipping

In order to ensure the protection of your investment and deliver exceptional value, we offer a complimentary quality leather sheath with each acquisition. The sheath serves the dual purpose of safeguarding the knife and enhancing its aesthetic appeal. In addition, we provide complimentary shipping for all purchases, guaranteeing the delivery of your high-quality folding knife at no extra expense.

An Ideal Present for Enthusiasts of Knives

The Damascus Blade Folding Knife with Camel Bone Handle is more than a mere instrument, but rather serves as an embodiment of one’s reverence for nature and love for superb artistry. Whether one is purchasing it for personal use or as a thoughtful present, this knife is certain to leave a lasting impact.

A Multifaceted Companion for Daily Activities and Excursions

The folding knife exhibits a flexible design, rendering it appropriate for both routine use and outdoor expeditions. The robust build and visually appealing design of the product guarantee its constant preparedness for various tasks, such as unpacking parcels or engaging in outdoor adventures.

Enhancing User Experience with NR Knives

NR Knives maintains its dedication to excellence and craftsmanship via the introduction of the Damascus Blade Folding Knife, which showcases a handle made from Camel Bone. The Damascus steel blade, characterized by its high quality, is complemented by the elegant camel bone grip and the practical folding form, all of which are expertly constructed. Incorporate it into your daily routine or present it as a thoughtful gesture to an individual who possesses a mutual appreciation for both visual appeal and practicality. Enhance your experiences with the utilization of NRKnives.


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