Damascus Blade Folding Knife With Mehroon Resin Handle

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Blade MaterialDamascus Steel
Material TypeAnti-Rust
Handle MaterialMehroon Resin
Blade TypePersian
Overall Length:7.0 inch
Handle Length:3.5 inch
Blade Length:3.5 inch
AccessoriesLeather Sheath
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The Classiness of a Folding Knife Featuring a Damascus Blade and a Mehroon Resin Handle

The world of cutlery is one in which functionality dances hand in hand with beauty. Here, people live for the beauty of a hand-forged blade and the charm of an unusual handle. The Mehroon resin handled pocket folding knife with a Damascus blade is a work of beauty and a marvel of modern engineering.

Damascus Steel’s Enduring Allure

Steel from Damascus: The very term conjures up images of quality and tradition. This ancient steel has long been admired for its superior toughness, edge retention, and beguiling wavelike patterns. The complex process of stacking and forging many types of steel is the key to its exceptional performance.

Forging as a Form of Art

Damascus blade making is a true art form. Multiple sheets of high-carbon and low-carbon steel are stacked in this process. Damascus steel is created by carefully layering metal and then repeatedly folding and hammering the metal to create the distinctive patterns that give the steel its outstanding toughness and beauty.

Superior Clarity

The remarkable sharpness of Damascus steel is one of its defining traits. Forging produces a sharp edge that is perfect for detailed work. A Damascus blade is the best choice whether you’re a chef looking for the ultimate cooking equipment or a camper looking for a trustworthy friend.

A Mehroon Resin Handle, a Thing of Beauty

Although the Damascus blade is the focal point of this knife, the grip gives a sophisticated touch. Made of high-quality Mehroon resin, it adds a special touch to these excellent handmade knives.

Charming Appearance

The unique design of Mehroon resin handles makes them highly sought after. The resin has been expertly dyed to obtain a deep Mehroon color, making for a dramatic and distinctive grip. Since the texture of the resin naturally varies, each knife is really one-of-a-kind.

Comfortable Ergonomics

The Mehroon resin handle is not only aesthetically pleasing; it also provides a firm and safe grip. Because of how well it fits in the hand, you can use it with great dexterity and accuracy. This handle improves the experience of chopping vegetables or performing other outdoor chores.

Flexibility and Charm

The combination of a Damascus blade and a Mehroon resin grip is functional as well as beautiful. This custom fixed blade folding knife was created to serve as a versatile tool on all of your travels.

Useful in Everyday Life

It’s a great EDC tool because of how little and foldable it is. Carry it with you everywhere you go by tucking it into a pocket or clipping it to your belt.

Excursions in Nature

This knife is an essential tool for campers and hikers. Its versatile blade is perfect for cutting rope or cooking food in the great outdoors. Damascus steel is so tough that it can bear the abuse of extreme travel.

Repair and Tending

Keeping your handmade folding knives with a Damascus blade and a Mehroon resin handle in good condition is essential to ensuring its long life and optimal performance.


usage some gentle soap and warm water to wash the blade after each usage. Keep away from anything abrasive that might scratch the Damascus design. Prevent rusting by ensuring complete drying.

Upkeep of the Swords

To keep the blade from rusting and to keep it sharp, oil should be applied regularly. Taking this little measure will help your knife last much longer.


The folding knife with a Damascus blade and a Mehroon resin grip has become a symbol of excellence in both human handiwork and the beauty of the natural world. Damascus steel, famed for its sharpness and timeless elegance, is paired with the one-of-a-kind Mehroon resin handle to create a knife that is more than just functional—it is a work of art.

This knife is more than simply a tool; it’s a historical artifact, a beautiful expression of human ingenuity and the allure of the natural world in your hands. It’s a reminder that the most exceptional things are often those that combine form and function in a way that seems natural.


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